How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

Calories don’t count during holidays. Have you ever heard this popular phrase?  Unfortunately, this grand idea is about as real as Santa Claus. 

With the holiday season fast approaching, you’re bound to be going out to celebrate and eat, whether at a party, restaurant, or family dinner. During this time of year, the temptation to eat delicious-looking, unhealthy food can become overwhelming.  But is it really possible to eat healthy during the holidays?

We’ve done our research and found out that, actually, it’s not just possible but downright easy. That is, if you know the healthy food options (and if you can resist the urge to have “just one more cookie”).

Here are some of our tips on how you can eat healthy during the holidays:

Go Mediterranean

How to Eat Healthy During the Holidayss Tapas Mediterranean

A Mediterranean diet consists of generous servings of vegetables and fruits, nuts, whole grains, and herbs and spices.  Seafood, dairies, sweets, and meat are consumed on a moderate scale. It’s said that this specific diet is the mother of all dietary standards for those who want to enjoy a long and healthy life.

Pause before you go for seconds

According to an article posted by Harvard, you should pause for at least 10 minutes after consuming your first helping before you decide to go for a second round. This is because you might actually be full but your brain needs a few minutes to process the signal sent by your stomach.

So, while waiting for that signal, why not make small talk with people at your table and perhaps sip a glass or two of water?  You might just realize that those cravings for more have disappeared! 

At parties, start with the healthy food first

If you’re invited to a party, you should fill your plate with the healthy options first – generous helpings of fruits, lots of veggies, some lean meat, and a serving of salad. You can have two servings if your first one isn’t enough.  

After two servings of these healthy foods, your stomach is most likely full or almost full, so it’ll be easier to pass on the high-calorie options at the table, or at least take a smaller serving than you would otherwise.

Watch your carbs and sweets

How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays Christmas Cookies
How-  Eat Healthy During the Holidays sof Juice

A can or two of ice-cold soda is a tempting proposition, but one that could spike up your sugar intake. Why not tread the healthy road instead?

An excellent substitute for soda is green tea, which is known to lower the risks of heart disease and diabetes, among others. 


You might also think about investing in a juicer and buy fruits and vegetables like mangos, apples, beets, carrots, and the like before the holidays. This would allow you to enjoy fresh juice whenever you feel like having a glass. However, drink juices in moderation since too much of it can actually be bad for you.

Bring your own healthy dish

If you’re not sure about the meals that will be served at the party you’re going to, you could ask the host if you can help by bringing an additional special favorite holiday dish (healthy and of course, enough for everyone to enjoy) 

Whether it’s a potluck party or not, bringing your own healthy meal to share with everybody not only looks genuinely nice but also guarantees you something that you won’t feel guilty about eating. 

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It’s all too tempting to have more than one slice of your favorite cake and ice cream, or a handful of cookies, maybe even only one of each kind,  and gobble up delicious carbs like bread and mashed potatoes. But if you can, better be mindful of how many carbs and sweets you consume during the holidays.

This is particularly important if you have diabetes or if you’re trying to shed some pounds. Keep in mind that it’s not easy shaking off all the extra weight you’ll gain over the holiday season, so cutting down the amount of carbs and sugar you’re eating might save you quite a lot of trouble in the following months. 

Go easy on salty food

Not only is too much salty food bad for the heart, it is also bad for the kidneys and bones. In addition to the carbs and sugar, be sure that you’re also mindful of the salty foods that are served during holiday dinners. 

Among the foods with the highest salt content that are commonly served at holidays are poultry, soup, sandwiches, and bread.


If you can, always check the labels to see the salt content of the food you’re serving. If you’re preparing the food yourself, go easy on the salt you’re adding to achieve the flavor you need. You might try infusing your food with herbs, spices, and pepper if you really desire flavorful meals.

Skip the frying pan

Another way you can eat healthy during the holidays is to forego fried food and instead opt for baked, grilled, or steamed meals.  Fried food taste delicious but it’s not exactly healthy, especially when consumed heavily.


Go for green tea and fresh juice instead of soda

Eat Healthy During the Holidays