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Diet And Exercise Tricks To Jumpstart Your Metabolism

Have you ever wondered why it seems so much easier for some people to keep that ideal body shape while you seem to struggle to lose just a bit of flab?  Perhaps you’ve heard someone recommend that you jumpstart your metabolism in order to help you lose some weight?

That word, “metabolism”, gets thrown around quite a lot whenever discussions about weight loss come up, and for good reason. Your metabolism affects the way your body processes energy, and therefore influences how you lose and gain weight.

So what is metabolism?

Metabolism, or more specifically metabolic rate, is a process that involves several chemical reactions occurring within a human body (or within any living organism). These reactions are responsible for creating and breaking down energy needed to function in life. 

Simply put, it is how your body converts anything you eat or drink into energy, and how that energy is expended or used by your body.

How does metabolism convert what you consume inside your body into energy? Through this complex biochemical reaction, the calories present in the food or beverages you consume combine with oxygen, which will then work together to release the energy that your body needs.

Now, you’ve probably heard about calories and the role they play in weight loss, but how do calories figure in the equation? 


When your body digests and absorbs food, the calories present in the food or beverage you consume correspond to the amount of energy that is released as your body breaks down any food or beverage. 

So, if a certain food or beverage contains more calories, such food or beverage can provide your body more energy.

jumpstart your metabolism BMR

The problem lies, however, in how your body burns these calories. This is where metabolism enters the picture. You may have heard some friends talk about how their “slow metabolism” is to blame for their weight gain. This is partly true, but metabolism is just one of the several ways your body burns calories.

You can burn calories by exercising or working out. You also burn calories through expending the energy your body needs to function even at rest. This is called your basal metabolic rate or BMR, and the rate at which this functions (whether slow or fast) depends on your genetic makeup.  

So, the “slow metabolism” your friends refer to may be attributed to how their body naturally burns calories due to the genes they inherit. It is something they cannot control. This is the reason why there are people who don’t gain weight even if they eat a lot, and why there are those who gain weight quickly even if they don’t eat so much. 

Following the same reasoning, people with “high metabolism” cannot control the high or fast speed at which their body burns calories. That is their genetic makeup. So, even if they eat twice as much as you, their weight remains the same.  

By now, you’re probably wondering if there’s any way to influence your metabolic rate. The answer is both yes and no. While you can’t change your genetic predisposition, you can be aware of your metabolic rate and eat and exercise in a manner that allows your body to burn more of what you eat, giving you that beach body you desire. 

Jumpstarting Your Metabolism

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jumpstart your metabolism spicy foods

3. Consume spicy foods

Spicy foods have been reported to increase metabolism by at least 20 percent. Maybe it’s time to add some hot peppers to your meals, not only to spice up your meal but increase your caloric burn as well?  

4. Drink cold beverages

Consuming cold drinks allows your body to use a lot of energy to warm up the liquid. As a result, your metabolism rate increases by at least a third within 30 to 40 minutes of drinking cold beverages. 

However, avoid beverages that contain chemical sweeteners like soft drinks or even diet soda. While diet beverages contain 0 calories, the chemical sweeteners they contain will only increase your cravings for food, particularly those that are rich in fat.     


5. Eat smaller meals

Eat every few hours instead of consuming three large meals every day. This will keep your metabolic rate up instead of slowing it down between meals, allowing you to maintain the calories your body needs to function normally.

More importantly, avoid starving yourself. When you abstain from eating, your body will not be able to consume the calories it needs to function, which may even result in a slower metabolic rate. 


1. Do more outdoor exercises

Exercising outdoors motivates you to move more compared to exercising in the gym.  For example, you will be more inspired to go further distances when running outside than when you do your running inside a gym, with the fresh air and surroundings keeping you motivated.

2. Consider high-intensity interval training

Incorporate interval training to boost your workout.  It allows you to explore different levels of intensity to boost your training. This requires your body to burn more calories, thereby increasing your metabolic rate.

jumpstart your metabolis lift weights

3. Lift weights

Lifting heavy things not only allows you to build more muscle but also increases your metabolic rate. This is because muscles use more energy when you lift weights, which make them more metabolically active.

4. Do small physical activities each day

Fidgeting or squeezing a small ball every day can help you burn extra calories. Not only will these small activities relieve you of stress but will also help increase your metabolism each day.

5. Walk with intensity

Incorporating Nordic walking, which involves walking with longer leg stride, into your daily exercise allows your body to work out with intensity. Intense exercise routines mean more ways to burn calories and increase your metabolic rate.

Keep these diet and exercise tricks handy to give your metabolism the boost it needs to help you achieve a healthy weight.  To make these tricks more effective, consider partnering with a personal trainer to keep yourself motivated and ensure that your diet and exercise process is on point.

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While genetic-based metabolism greatly influences weight, the good news is that you can do something to jumpstart your metabolism regardless of the genes you got from your folks. Gaining or losing weight doesn’t solely rely on how “fast” or “slow” your metabolism is. 

It ultimately boils down to how many calories you consume from the food or beverages you eat or drink.  People with slow metabolism should control the calories they consume to avoid gaining weight, while people with fast metabolism should consume more calories in order to gain weight.

People with slow metabolism don’t get to use the calories they consume right way, and these calories are stored in the body as fat. So, even if they consume fat-free or low-fat foods, when they consume too many calories that aren’t expended immediately, your body wants to save it for later, which results in weight gain.

In the same way, people with fast metabolism burn the calories they consume right away, even if their body is at rest. These calories are expended immediately, so they don’t get stored in the body as fat. This results in their body maintains the built they’ve had for years.    

Apart from proper diet, physical activity is also a factor on how you can boost your metabolism. How much physical activity you submit yourself to determines how fast or slow you expend energy or burn calories from the food or beverage you eat.

With these things in mind, you can take easy steps to boost your metabolism, if you’re looking to shed excess pounds. Below are just some of the habits you can adopt.



1. Include “negative calorie” foods in your meal

Incorporate foods in your diet that require more calories or energy from your body to digest or break down than they provide. These include foods rich in complex carbohydrates like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and those that are high in fiber. 

These foods keep you full or satiated while requiring a lot of energy to expend than the number of calories they actually contain. This is why they are called “negative calorie” foods.  

2. Eat plenty of protein

Foods rich in protein, like fish, lean meat, and poultry, also require a lot of energy to break down. Studies have shown that they use twice the energy from the body to digest than your average high-carbohydrate food.

Jumpstart Your Metabolism