Why is Senior and Elderly Training Important?

We all know that as we age, our bodies and abilities start to change. Things that were once easy start to become more difficult.  Fat that we didn’t have at 25 seems to be perpetually stuck to us. We start to develop pain in places we didn’t know existed. And, unfortunately, we’re not getting any younger.

Whether you’ve spent a lifetime taking great care of your physical health or avoiding it, you will have to face consequences that come with aging. 

Physically active individuals must learn to adapt their workouts to avoid exercise-related injuries, and even if you’ve never developed a healthy active lifestyle, it’s never too late to begin!


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 31 million adults over 50 are inactive. That is 28% of the 50+ population!  In my opinion, that’s far too many people who don’t get to enjoy the great benefits that physical activity brings, such as:


1. maintaining muscle mass

2. improving your posture, balance, and flexibility

3. increasing bone density

4. decreasing pain and feelings of depression

5. preventing falls

6. increasing control over disease symptoms

7. reducing healthcare costs


In addition to the great physical benefits, physical exercise has positive effects on your mental well-being by increasing endorphins, providing goals to work toward, and increasing social interaction.


Common Physical Problems Faced by People of Old Age

We all laugh at those commercials “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”, but in reality, this is a very possible scenario as our bodies age.

There is no sure-fire way to cure or even prevent the typical problems that accompany old age.


But with a good understanding of the problems you may face and with care towards your nutrition and exercise, you can work to lessen the effects of aging.

The following are some of the more common problems you may experience as you get older.



Obesity is a problem for people of any age, but can exacerbate other age-related problems. Unfortunately, it has been a rising epidemic in recent years.

Obesity-related death has become more prevalent over the years. This happens when the extra weight puts too much strain on internal organs like the heart and lungs. The restricted organs cannot function properly and cannot do the job they are intended to do.

Exercise and a focus on building lean muscle can help prevent age-related obesity.



Another of the most common problems within the elderly population is arthritis.

Arthritis is known as that dull, aching pain that flares up when it rains.  Unfortunately, it is much more than that and can cause very serious pain, interfering in your daily life.  Arthritis affects the cartilage and the tissues by slowly breaking them down as time passes causing pain in the joints.

Contributing factors of arthritis include a person’s diet and vitamin deficiencies.



Osteoporosis is a condition similar to arthritis.  But unlike arthritis, osteoporosis is the naturally weakening of bones.

Also unlike arthritis, osteoporosis does not technically “hurt” in the most common sense, but it can be dangerous because it can cause bone breakage and slipped disks.

Diet and vitamin deficiencies also speed up the rate at which you can develop osteoporosis.


Cancer/Other Major Diseases

While cancer and other major diseases cannot be cured by a good diet and exercise regime, research shows that healthy habits can help prevent them.

Having your body and immune system in a healthy state is also a major benefit to you if you do happen to develop such unfortunate conditions.



Diabetes is often linked with obesity.  While some forms of diabetes are hereditary, the most common cause of this ailment is a poor diet and lack of physical activity.

Luckily diabetes can be a very manageable disease, and including better diet and exercise in your daily routine has been proven to make drastic improvements in symptoms and prevention.



Falling is often the direct result of a weakened body and can result in dangerous injuries.

While it is not possible to prevent all weakness that accompanies old age, regular exercise and a good diet will go far in keeping your body in a stronger condition.

You may have noticed a common theme in the above descriptions.  A good diet and exercise regime can make a huge difference in prevention or treatment for common age related problems.  

Senior personal training can be the stepping stone that can lead you to the path of improved lifestyle and physical health as you grow older.

Senior and Elderly Training - Exercises That Are Helpful For Older People


Following is a short list of exercises you can do at home to help you get started towards your goal of increased strength and flexibility.


Abdominal contractions

method: tighten, hold, and release your abdominal muscles

target muscles: abdominal muscles

Wall pushups

method: stand about three feet from the wall, feet shoulder-width apart and back straight, lean toward the wall and then push back

target muscles: chest and shoulder

Pelvic tilts

method: in a lunge position tilt your hips forward, hold three seconds, tilt them back, hold three seconds

target muscles: lower back

*This exercise is done with one knee on the floor. Please be cautious if you suffer from knee pain or injury.

Shoulder blade squeeze:

method: while sitting or standing up straight, squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold for three seconds

target muscles: postural muscles and chest muscles


Toe taps:

method: while sitting in a chair, put your feet flat on the floor and lift your toes until you can feel the shin muscles working

target muscles: lower legs


Heel Raises:

method: while sitting, raise your heels while keeping the ball of your foot on the floor

target muscles: upper calves


Knee lifts:

method: while sitting, raise your knee until your thigh is about two or three inches above the chair, hold for three seconds

target muscles: thighs


This list is only a small sample of exercises that can benefit your overall well-being as you age. To reach your maximum level of fitness and flexibility, consider hiring a personal trainer.  

At Perfect Form, we can provide you with a thorough and personalized workout to help you reach your fitness goals, reduce your pain, increase your flexibilit and mobility, and, most importantly improve your overall quality of life.

For Pain Relief, Increased Flexibility and Mobility, and Healthier Lifestyle, Call Us Today 

At Perfect Form Personal Training, as your supportive and knowledgeable trainer, I will work with you to design an exercise program targetted to your body and needs, to help you reach your fitness and health goals.  I specialize in senior fitness.


Flexibility and mobility, balance, weight loss, and strength training are fundamental factors in easing and keeping you up and moving as you age. enjoing an enhanced quality of life.


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