Three Senior Health Tips to Help Seniors Live Healthier and Happier Lives

As the adage goes, “change is inevitable.” This is so true in almost all stages of our lives, including transitioning to old age. As aging begins to take its toll, it brings more and more changes to cope with such as retiring from a career, passing away of parents, living far from the children, and depending on others when it comes to health assistance.

Indeed, there is no easy way to accept change but to gradually embrace it, that won’t stop us from trying to help. In case you find yourself floundering a bit, here are three senior health tips to living happier and healthier through old age.


1. Have a healthy coping mechanism.

A coping mechanism is a set of strategies in place to help you maneuver through difficult or tough situations that are oftentimes traumatic and stressful. There are two types of coping mechanisms and these are emotion-focused and problem-focused methods.

● Stay Positive

It is normal to feel lost at some point during the aging process and the key to combating it and the associated stress is to be resilient and stay positive. Instead of focusing on the things lost, choose to be grateful for the things that you still have. It will also help to share your sentiments with a close friend.

Accepting the things that you can no longer change will also make the transition easier. If there are consequences of wrong decisions made in the past, reflecting on them and learning from them will help usher you into the next stage of your life.

● Live with a Meaning and Purpose

It is common to feel on the losing end during retirement as careers comprise a huge chunk of our responsibilities for several decades. It has been so embedded in the intricate patterns of our system that doing nothing can seem more of a burden.

This doesn’t have to be the case though. Look into your favorite hobbies and the things that you would like to try and learn. Things that you didn’t have the time to do when you were younger. For as long as your physical state allows you to do them, nothing should stop you from pursuing them.

● Community Involvement


There are several local events that open doors for volunteering. Helping others is one way to enrich your life and make it more meaningful. You can also utilize the skills you developed and acquired in your career by training others who are in need of mentoring.

Traveling to different places will also widen your horizon and convince you that there is still more out there in the world that is worthy to be explored. It can be as simple as visits to a local museum or a park or a trip to a local place you haven’t visited yet.

It is a good opportunity to bond with nature through activities like fishing, camping, hiking, or even skiing, depending on your physical limitations.

2. Community Involvement

The second of our three senior health tips is maintaining positive and healthy relationships. A support network is crucial when one goes through the seasons of aging. Your children might have their own priorities now, but it doesn’t mean that you will cease to be a parent to them.

● Connect Regularly

Technology has made it easier than ever to connect with families, relatives, and friends despite the distance. There are so many video-calling apps that don’t require shelling out any cash or traveling long distances to catch up with your loved ones.

● Have a Support Group


If there is a seniors club in your community, it is best to interact with them on a regular basis. Though you might have lost some people when you retired, when you transfer states, or when all your children moved out, you still can expand your social network.

These people will be the perfect buffer if depression, loneliness, hardship, and disability start to pour in.

● Visit One Person A Day
Make it a habit to spend time with at least one person a day. You can also schedule visits with friends and families even if it’s just for a short period of time. Ask your children if you can spend summer with them and the kids for a month. It is also a good time to help them manage the house and the kids while they are at work.

3. Stay Active

Have you heard the mantra that “age is just a number”? This is the third of our three senior health tips. Living by this mantra helps you to stay active and never lose that vitality and vigor. In fact, as a senior, you now have all the time in the world to exercise and stay fit without being hampered by responsibilities at work and at home!

● Keep Your Mind Sharp


The mind has to remain as active as the body. This is important to avoid early memory loss and cognitive decline.

There are several activities you can try that will boost creativity such as puzzles, new cooking recipes, crosswords, a new word game, or a new sport. Learning a new subject, a different language, or a new skill will also keep the brain functioning at its optimum level.

Come up with new tasks each day that will challenge how you perceive things, the same way you were challenged by your job. Changing routines will also help, such as a new route going to your usual grocery store or doing household chores with a different

● Proper Diet and Enough Sleep

It will be difficult to stay active mentally and physically if your body is deprived of the basic nutrients it needs. A healthy diet will provide you the energy needed to function well and do all the tasks for the day. If you have an exercise regimen, the body will require an adequate amount of sleep to help you in performing the exercise routines.

It is also necessary to have a regular checkup with your doctor as this will help keep you in tiptop shape and in tune with the changing needs of your body. You can always seek professional help in terms of dietary plans to make sure your body is getting the right amount of nutrients.

A doctor can additionally help you avoid anything that might worsen any existing medical condition.

● Exercising To Stay Fit

Nothing beats having a good exercise routine when it comes to longevity, even if you’re just starting out during the senior years. There are so many proven benefits of exercising in terms of holistic wellness. Walking is one of the best ways to start an exercise routine.

Once you’re comfortable with a walking routine, you can increase the intensity and the duration gradually to avoid getting an injury.

To make it more fun and enjoyable, ask someone to accompany you while walking or jogging. Having an exercise companion will keep you motivated and provide the benefits of social interaction.

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Three Senior Health Tips to Help Seniors Live Healthier and Happier Lives