sports specific Training - Things You Need to Know

Sports specific training (SST) has fans and detractors: fans swear to its wonders and detractors saying it is worthless. 


Believers say that it has helped them become more focused and well-versed with the skills that their sport requires, or that they were able to perform better physically and mentally.  Meanwhile, non-believers claim that adopting this technique makes the individual athlete weak since the programming is more suited to the needs of the sport rather than the needs of the athlete.


With all these conflicting views about SST, it’s easy to get lost and confused about whether or not it’s a great idea to adopt the technique or try another.


In my opinion, the problem lies not with sports specific training, but because it is such a broad term left to the definition of the individual trainer, the problem is that what sports specific training actually means, and what the methods used are, varies widely. So, what trainer 1 offers as sports specific training is very different than what trainer 2 or trainer 3 offers.


Now, whether you’re an athlete, a coach, or just someone who wants to play amateur sports, there are things you need to know about this specific mental and physical conditioning method before trying it out.  With such knowledge, you’ll be more informed whether or not this technique is best suited to you, and which trainer to choose.


What is Sports Specific Training?


Simply defined, this training technique requires doing repeated drills, like dribbling in basketball, to improve one’s mastery of the particular demands of specific sports.  It also includes general training aimed at increasing endurance, agility, and mental acuity..


Kobe Bryant, Lakers’ star guard, was said to do up to 1,000 shots each day, coupled with 20 minutes of dribbling and 90 minutes’ worth of shooting around the court. Moreover, Bryant is known for his 666 workout in which he trains for 6 hours each day, 6 days a week, for a total of 6 months in any given year. 


Ultimately, Bryant will tell you that his rigorous sports specific training regimen helped him dominate the hardwood and made him one of basketball’s finest players ever.


Among the things being developed through this method are speed, endurance, and agility.  In many cases, potential injuries are also minimized or totally avoided, as evidenced by studies conducted on athletes who had tried out the technique. 


Surprisingly and contrary to what detractors say, this technique is said to help athletes become physically superior through the custom programming handled by researchers, coaches, and personal trainers.


Benefits of Sports Specific Training

Improved agility.

Easily among the best benefits of using this technique is the significant improvement in one’s ability to move around quickly and easily.  This physical state called agility is what many athletes and active people strive to develop since it presents a competitive advantage. 


This is particularly key in such sports as basketball, football, baseball, and tennis, as well as in other sports where quickness is essential.

Increased flexibility. Another critical physical condition that an SST program develops is flexibility.

By doing cyclical and targeted physical activities, ligaments and similar soft tissues are trained to adapt to every possible movement. This allows the athlete to easily perform different moves without feeling undue strain on the muscles.

Improved focus. 

Since the technique essentially requires performing repetitive movements over a long period of time, the mind is trained to become more focused on the expected moves in the specific sports discipline. 


Knowing what to expect and how to react in given situations typically leads to better performance and competitive advantage on the part of the athlete.


Sports Specific Training - Why Hire Jason

I have been a personal trainer for over 30 years and have become one of California’s most trusted sports specific training providers. Through the years, I have helped countless athletes and sports buffs achieve peak physical and mental forms with his personalized SST programs. 


Unlike other trainers who adopt generic training regimen for lack of dedication or creativity, I insist on creating programs that are relevant to your individual needs.


Additionally, I know how to motivate you towards achieving your goals through constant reminders of your progress.  I adjust your individual program when needed to keep you engaged and challenged. Through such techniques, I guarantee satisfaction by giving you the results you have in mind.


In short, I am not just all talk but I know how to deliver the goods.


My typical sports-specific training conditioning programs include flexibility and mobility exercises to keep your muscles in tip-top shape. Your program will also include stretching techniques such as passive, static, resistance, active, and dynamic to improve our flexibility.  


This is all in addition to your sports specific skill requirements (like free-throw shooting, dribbling, etc.), ensuring a successful SST program.


Finally, I offer competitive pricing for the services I provide. With all these awesome reasons, isn’t about time you try enrolling in his sports specific training program?

Call me today at 951-206-7410 to discuss your SST needs.I am more than happy to answer your questions and offer you the perfect training program to give you the winning advantage.


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Sports Specific Training

Whatever negative things people say about this technique, it’s undeniable that for many, it offers perks that are too good to pass up.  It’s no small wonder then that this method is gaining popularity among athletes, coaches, trainers, and sports buffs.


Here are some of the great benefits you can enjoy with the proper sports specific training program:


Mastery of the required skill set. 

From the term itself, the technique offers the optimum chance of mastering particular skills unique to each sport discipline. Through targeted repetitive drills and exercises, the athlete learns to perform various moves with fluidity until such time that the moves become second nature. 


Such mastery ultimately translates to stability under pressure and the ability to dominate games despite tough competition.


Reduced injuries. 

A study made on Australian football players revealed that the technique succeeded in significantly reducing the number and severity of hamstring injuries experienced by the players.  Given how extremely physical football can be, it’s safe to say that such conditioning method could also offer similar results in other sports. 


Any sensible coach or athlete would surely tell you that injuries in such contact sports can be career-ending, so they do everything possible to avoid accidents from happening during the game.

Increased strength, stamina, and speed. 

Since the technique involves conditioning that targets the mastery of skills needed in specific sports, it also helps provide the level of physical condition that the sports require.  


The training programs can be tailor-fit to an individual’s unique needs, as well as the specific requirements of the particular sports discipline.  Ultimately, one can enjoy improved body strength, speed, and staying power.