Weight Loss and Toning:  Exercise That Delivers Results

Weight loss and toning: This is the usual suggestion of doctors to keep the body healthy and help combat stress and the harmful elements in the environment.  It is not just a hobby that you can choose to have or not have on a whim. It is a lifestyle to adopt to achieve a healthier you.


Before you begin your weight loss and toning journey, you need to know what they are, how are they different, and how they can help you lose unwanted pounds and stay healthy.

Weight Loss or Toning - What’s The Difference?


Weight loss and toning are not quite the same.  Weight loss directly targets lowering your body weight, which can be possible even without exercise.  There are several means of weight loss, including through dietary plans, lifestyle changes, and of course, exercise.  We’re going to talk about weight loss through exercise.


Weight loss and toning are two different goals, yet complementary.  At Perfect Form, we know that muscle weighs more than fat, so as you lose fat, but gain muscle, weight loss might seem slow as reflected on the scale, but you will be toning up, getting firmer, and trimmer, and losing fat.


Weight loss aims to shed off the extra fat that make us feel heavy and unfit.  On the other hand, toning will help you gain muscle strength that you need to go on with your weight loss journey.


Let’s discuss toning and weight loss exercises further.


Toning Exercises


Toning exercises are those that put emphasis on the muscles.  Tone refers to the development of a body with low levels of fat and a well-defined shape. Toning exercises aim to make the muscle significantly stronger without the bulk that “body-building” exercises bring.


What makes toning exercises necessary in weight loss is their capacity to burn fat and stimulate the muscles.  Some of the toning exercises that we highly recommend are squats, deadlifts, lunges, rows, and push-ups.


Interval training pertains to any form of intense exercise that will make your heart rate spike up, then after a particular span of high intensity, it will be followed by a sudden rest to bring your heart rate down. This is done in repetition, thus the term interval.


Interval training is frequently recommended by trainers as a weight loss technique. Trainers usually help facilitate the interval training routine because it deals with timing and intensity


The timing used in the routine, the active recovery portion, and the increasing intensity of the workout are the keys that make interval training effective for weight loss.  A knowledgeable personal trainer can help facilitate this routine to ensure its effectivity.


Weight Training


Weight training is also often recommended as a technique for weight loss.  Weight training can use your body weight or additional weights as a method of building your muscles while burning fat.


Weight training can increase your metabolism, which also helps with weight loss.  Metabolism is the rate at which you burn calories. As a result of weight training, you might experience an increased metabolic rate that leads to a continuous higher rate of burning calories even after working out.  


The changes that weight training can bring aren’t drastic. However, it can build your muscle strength so that you can increase the intensity of your workout, and therefore burn more calories than before.  


At Perfect Form, we recommend adding  weight training to your work out three times a week. And as your personal trainer, I can help you monitor your progress and adjust your weights as needed so that the intensity of lifting won’t lose its effectiveness.




Crossfit is now one of the most popular weight loss techniques in the workout industry.  It has gained a following for the results it delivers. However, not all “CrossFit” is the same.  CrossFit has to be designed by a personal trainer who is expert in Crossfit so that you won’t overdo it.  It is designed to be short yet intense.


The CrossFit routine is made up of various workouts.  Some exercises that included are kettlebell swings, rope climbs, box jumps, and front squats.  The design of your routine depends on your initial workout capacity and our capabilities.


Thus, a well-informed coach who can analyze your body and your needs and explain and modify the exercises, can help you workout effectively without causing you injury.


These are just three of the best weight loss exercises.  My goal as a personal trainer is to design an exercise plan that is fun at the same time it helps you achieve your goals.  I change things up so you don’t get bored.


I continuously monitor your progress so that your exercises continue to work their magic and  deliver results. The only thing you need to do is to choose the best personal trainer for the job.


Jason De La Cruz As The Best Personal Trainer for Weight Loss


With extensive experience in training and knowledge in the areas of nutrition and supplementation, I, Jason De La Cruz, am the coach you need for weight loss.  I can help you develop your own dietary plan and if you are interested, recommend supplements that can boost your body capacity for an intensive workout.


I work with you  in developing a personal fitness program that addresses your needs and limitations.  It will focus on the details and changes that take place as your body responds to the workout. This program will also provide the necessary plan that can deliver the results you want.


My passion includes educating you on proper form, avoiding injuries, and helping you make the most of your weight loss journey.


Set your fitness goals straight, and let me, Jason De La Cruz help you realize them one routine at a time. Click here to get started with a complimentary training session.

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Weight Loss and Toning

Weight Loss Exercises

There is no specific set of exercises that clearly define weight loss exercises, for as long as an exercise helps you lower your body weight, that is for weight loss. In fact, weight loss is a coined term associated with weight loss coaching.


Thus, you need a personal trainer to build a relationship between your mind and body, to understand the causes of weight gain, and put a stop to it.


Then, the physical exercise will help you burn fat faster. The goal of weight loss coaching is taking in fewer calories than you use during the day.  So weight loss exercise has the goal of burning calories.


A good thing to remember is that the more muscles you incorporate into your exercise, the more calories you will burn.  So, aside from healthy habits and a recommended weight loss diet, here are some suggested exercises you may want to adopt for your weight loss journey.


Interval Training